10 Creative Ideas for a Fall Wedding Bouquet

One of the best things about getting married in the fall, are the amazing colors the give the unique ambience. The variety of colors and the abundance of choices of grasses, flowers and other plants makes the fall a unique season for amazing and inspiring bouquets which can match the season. Bring these dazzling colors into your wedding with these bouquet ideas.
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1. Incorporate Fall Foliage

Perhaps the most obvious choice for a fall wedding is to incorporate the wide array of plants and flowers which are typically available during the fall. Try chrysanthemums or asters as the base for your bouquet. They are common, relatively long lasting and certainly affordable.
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2. Set a Golden Theme

Gold is a popular theme color for weddings; however during no time of the year is it as appropriate and timely as during the fall. A gold themed bouquet could mean actual gold accents, golden colored flowers or use of golden ribbons and complementary colors.
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3. Seasonal Flowers

It goes without words that the fall bursts with a variety of colorful flowers. Carnations, roses, chrysanthemums, asters, gerberas, gladioluses, dahlias, sunflowers, eustomas, alstroemerias, lilies, calluses, orchids. No matter what color you love, we're sure it's on the list. Just make sure to select the right set as it will be the one highlighting your natural beauty.
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4. Dry Flowers and Straw Flowers

Those looking for some extra sophistication and elegance to their fall bouquets might want to add dried flowers. It's a must for vintage lovers as well. Try daisies, thistles, chrysanthemums, roses, and tulips. Don't be afraid to experiment.
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5. The Harvest Theme

You must've heard about the latest floral trend. Now you don't have to put just flowers into your wedding bouquet. Try adding little pieces of what mother earth is giving during the season - apples, grapes, pomegranates, plums, eggplants, mushrooms, little pumpkins; your bouquet will surely become unforgettable. P.S. Our advice is to avoid those smelly fruits and vegetables!
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6. Vines and Ivies

If you're fascinated by boho style, its openness and freedom, make sure to include some vines or ivies. It will highlight your uniquenes and is recommended to be combined with succulents and eucalyptus.
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7. Grape Theme

Grape is a spirit of those driven by the signs of fate. It represents the beauty and joy of the newly created family. Its combination with fall flowers will definitely impress your guests.
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8. Orchid Theme

If you're classy in the good sense of the word, and you know exactly what you want, then orchids will emphasize your elegance and capriciousness in the best way. Look no more for greater refinement and sophistication. "Some of the most memorable and exquisit wedding bouquets are those made with the use of orchids." - says Alice, owner of studioEPIC Wedding photography
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9. Pine Cones and Evergreens

Looking for a deep and mystic look? His majesty the forest is your best choice. Accompany your fall bouquet with some pine cones and branches to express your romantic soul in an extraordinary way.
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10. Get Funky with Spray Paint

Those longing for even more extra colors of the fall are welcome to use spray paint. Glittering parts of the bouquet will fill the most important day of your life with sunshine and warmth of the season.