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7 Common Wedding Preparation Mistakes

7 Common Wedding Preparation Mistakes

This is our friendly advice for couples willing to avoid mistakes and longing for a perfect wedding day.

1. Starting late preparations

The sooner the wedding the faster the clock ticks. Depending on the season, you should start preparing for the wedding in at least 4-7 months. Having enough time will help you to eliminate the majority of mistakes.

2. Wrong budget

Before starting preparation, you should find out the cost of all the wedding services you’re going to use and clearly make notes of all the expenses. If your budget is limited, it is better to give up something in favor of a more important thing.

3. Careless approach to specialist searches

Pay special attention to the selection of specialists - all criteria are important: feedback and recommendations, portfolio, your personal impression. Do not be fooled by low prices - it’s better to order a basic package from a professional than taking a ’pig in a poke’ at an attractive price.

4. No wedding style chosen

To organize a tasteful wedding you need to choose at least a single color design solution, which should express itself throughout the whole venue decoration, floristry, car, accessories, printing, etc. That is why it should be determined during the initial stage.

5. Booking a mismatching venue

The interior of the restaurant should emphasize the style, color and theme of the wedding (if any) or be neutral. The decorator will then be able to transform it in the right direction. That’s the reason your venue needs to be booked first. It's also worth consulting with your photographer and videographer who can determine the quality of lighting.

6. Not writing down all the organizational stuff

Make sure to make notes of all the info on scheduled meetings, calls, etc. not to miss a single detail.

7. Saving on makeup and hair

It is not uncommon for a bride to simply do her own makeup, or fix what a make up artist has applied. Sometimes, it’s also not always the fault of a bad makeup artist - it happens that the bride simply feels uncomfortable in the unexpected image. A test makeup is a must before the wedding day!
Get organized, ready and have a wonderful wedding day! Stay inspired and see you in our future tips!