Unforgettable Day: What to Pay Attention to When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Perhaps, you've already selected the date and wedding outfits. Now it's venue's turn - the place gathering your friends and relatives to share your joy, the place where everything starts. Sadly, you'll have to look for one somewhere on earth. So, let us narrow down your search.
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Size. You’ll be ready to select a restaurant when you know the number of guests. They need to feel comfortable and there should be a place for dances, entertainment and a music band.
Style consistency. Your wedding venue should conform to the concept of the day and based on our experience, this is one of the most important points. If you’re celebrating the day in european style, you simply can’t choose a chinese restaurant. It’s going to turn into kitsch otherwise.
Food. Meals on your wedding table should correspond to the style and season: in summer, for instance, try not to serve stodgy food, better prefer fish, seafood, fresh salads, light desserts, etc.
Season of the year. Take into account the number of guests. If your wedding is to be in summer, please consider restaurants with terrace or near water. In winter these things might not be relevant.
Source: Pinterest.com
Personal testing. Why not go ahead and check if the photos and reality differ? Arrange for a date in the selected restaurant. Evaluate the food and service.
Service Packages. Discuss all the possible details before making prepayments: venue rental, alcohol, your own food, technical facilities, parking, etc.
Now it’s time to go out and eat at a restaurant you’ve selected. Bon appetit!