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Top 4 Veil Alternatives

Top 4 Veil Alternatives

We’re sure you’ve already chosen the wedding dress. What’s left is just some sweet details. Bridal head gear is a must for any wedding ceremony but has no style limitations. Make your dreams come true and complete your wedding image with a stylish veil alternative. Remember, though, that details is what makes it truly great.

1. Hats

More and more modern designers turn their eyes to ladies’ hats. These may be broad, white, flowery or veiled hats. A little white cylinder with a lace veil for a wedding trouser suit or a short dress can look very stylish. A small cylinder placed on the side of a hairstyle will emphasize your individual, unique and slightly playful style.

2. Flowers

Bridal hairstyle can be beautifully decorated with a tiny hat reminding a flower bouquet. Feel free to play around with it in a few tones. All kinds of elegant hoops will look beautiful as well. They can be put alone, with a veil or a small hat.

3. Diadems

If your modern wedding hairstyle is not supposed to include a head gear, you can wear a diadem or emphasize the image by putting a comb. Beautiful diadems or tiaras look great on hairstyles with a veil or without it.

4. Wreaths

Since ancient times, ladies used to wear wreaths as a symbol of youth and beauty. Now, this stylish head gear can successfully complement the image of a modern bride too.
We’re sure you’ll be able to fully unleash your creativity. Just remember that the whole image should fit the overall wedding style you’ve selected.
Stay inspired and see you in our future tips!