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5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Car

5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Car

Everything is planned and you are ready for the day. If you really care about the finer details in your wedding and you want to add that personal touch there is no better way to show of your personality that on your wedding car! All eyes will be on you when you arrive and as such the car is the perfect canvas for a bit of self expression. Check out the ideas below to see how you could customize your ride.

1. Car Stickers

It’s your big day, one that you’ll never forget because you’re getting married! Also make it an unforgettable getaway in your wedding car as an official married couple by decorating it with custom car stickers. Whether you choose to sticker bomb your wedding car with custom photo stickers of the two of you or have a “Just Married” sticker on the back of your car is up to you! It’s not only the wedding day entrance that can be grand, so why not make your wedding getaway grand too with custom car stickers?

2. Car Decals

Make a statement on your wedding day with a “Just Married” car decal that you can put anywhere on your car or windows. Car decals including vinyl lettering and numbers can be customized to state any message that you want so you can make it personal for your special day! You don’t have to worry about car decals ruining your car or leaving behind a mess as they’re removable without residue! At StickerYou, you can create custom car decals with your wedding date, names, and any other message that represents your love with our vinyl lettering editor

3. Tin Can Labels

It’s the little things that count so why not add tin cans to the back of your wedding car? This small tradition is not only loud enough to help you make a statement on your big day, but they can also be personalized by adding custom labels! Create event and wedding labels for your tin cans with special messages including your wedding date, names, quotes, and more! Traditionally, tin can labels for wedding cars are handwritten but at StickerYou, you can create custom labels for your tin cans with printed messages and even images!

4. Custom Magnets

Another great way to make a statement while adding a personal touch on your wedding day is to create custom magnets which can stick on the side-panel of your wedding car! Create personalized photo magnets, save-the-date magnets, “Just Married” magnets and more at StickerYou. Your custom magnets can also be kept as a keepsake which can be put on your fridge for many years to come!

5. Window Clings

Customize your wedding car with window clings as they are custom die-cut to any shape and printed in full color. Add any message that you want including your wedding date, names, “Just Married” and more! Window clings don’t use adhesive which means that they can be easily removed and re-used again and again– making it another great wedding keepsake for your home!