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5 Inexpensive Yet Stylish Wedding Décor Pieces

5 Inexpensive Yet Stylish Wedding Décor Pieces

Doing something with your own hands for a wedding decor is not only trendy, but is a real money-saving opportunity as well. Here are some of the most inexpensive variants of handmade decor, which will add uniqueness to your celebration

1. Slate Board

The huge plus of the slate board is that you can write and draw almost anything on it. This can be all kinds of pointers, tablets, menus or a seating plan for guests. You can write the date of the celebration, favorite quotes about love or just something nice looking - and a stylish interior decoration is ready! Let’s open a little secret: you do not have to use a real board. You can easily achieve this effect with a self-adhesive film or special textured paper. This means you can make invitations, programs, seating cards for guests and a wish book using the same material and style.

2. Candles

What’s easier? Regular table candles will help you create a magical atmosphere in the restaurant. Put them everywhere. The more, the better. You can place them in glass candlesticks, vases or glasses. Everything seems romantic in a warm candle flickering.
Source: Pinterest

3. Vase Fillers

To make the most ordinary glass vase a stylish interior decor piece is really easy with a variety of fillers. Put them into a vase and the flower arrangement will burst with new colors. This can be anything from glass and pebbles to sand, colorful crystals and coffee beans.

4. Petals

Rose petals can be bought in any flower shop and kiosk almost for free. And as a decor part, they look very attractive. Sprinkle them over the path to the place of the ceremony. The scattering of petals on the festive tables also looks beautiful and romantic.

5. Paper Lights

Paper lamps are a stylish decoration in the color palette of a wedding both in the daytime and in evening romantic atmosphere. They are great for a restaurant or tent, or for an open wedding venue.