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Top 5 Hen Part Ideas

Top 5 Hen Part Ideas

The most important thing a bride must have before the wedding is to celebrate her hen party. What is it going to be like? Everything depends on your preferences, desire, mood and imagination. Let everything go and share this joyful time of upcoming marriage with your friends. This new and important stage is right in front of you. But first, let yourself relax on your own bachelorette party.

1. Boho party

Feel yourself free and infinitely happy on the main holiday of ’farewell to the girlhood’. Organize a hen party outside, preferably near water: on the bank of a river, lake or sea. Pitch a tent, throw out cushions and bedspreads in it, add some decor, feathers or garlands and get a very atmospheric relax zone. Cover the table under the tree, decorate the trunk and branches with ribbons and lanterns. Table cloth and table decorations are better to choose of natural origin. And, of course, flowers! 60’s-like dresses, loose hair, fringe and lace are the basis as well. Don’t forget about multi-layer necklaces and accessories with plant motifs.

2. Retro style

The era of the 1920s, the heyday of Hollywood and the Art Deco style is now becoming a source of inspiration. A bright party based on the ’Great Gatsby’ movie will appeal to the girls who prefer music, passionate dances, shows and fireworks. Arrange your retro hen party in the style of aristocratic reception to the music of Charleston and foxtrot. To create an image, choose a silk dress with sequins and beads, make a bright make-up and hairstyle.

3. Bachelorette party on the water

Go meet the quiet family harbor right on the bachelorette party. One of the most unusual scenarios will be a walk on the water on a yacht or boat. Treat guests with light snacks and desserts. Textiles with marine themes, sweets in blue and white, as well as a garland or candles will be the appropriate decoration. In addition to dancing and standard entertainment, you can also arrange bathing. Imagine how many joyful emotions will bring a jump into the water from the side of the yacht.

4. Rides

What can be funnier than a plunge into childhood! Put on lush skirts of bright colors, bows and an armful of balloons to the amusement park. Ride on the carousel, eat cotton candies and jump on the trampoline. Let yourself relax as such a bachelorette party will be remembered for the rest of your life!

5. Above the city

Rise high above the noisy city and see its beauty from a different angle. Feel the freedom of birds and get an unforgettable impression of your hen party by arranging it on the rooftop. Offer guests snacks and sweets, order live music and enjoy the sunset in the company of close friends. Get the kite, light the Bengal lights, meet the stars and make wishes!