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Selecting the right suite for the Groom

Top 5 Classical Ideas for selecting the Groom’s Suit

The suit of the groom requires no less responsible approach than the dress of the bride. It’s got to be of high quality, good-looking, emphasize body shape and be properly combined with the bride's dress. Ideal option will be a suit sewn in the atelier. However, you can buy it in a specialized store and make a couple of adjustments, if necessary.
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1. Classical three-piece suit

Everyone knows that classic does not necessarily mean ordinary and boring. Despite its triviality, the classic attire of the groom can be made very stylish and elegant. To do this, choose a suit according to the body shape, made of high quality fabric appropriate to the season, a matching shirt and a vest. Boutonniere and shoes will complement the image.
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2. Tuxedo

The smart outfit of English gentlemen. Almost every man would like to feel like James Bond. If the image of the bride is conservative and refined, a tuxedo and a butterfly will do the job. It’s difference from the classical suit is in its open chest.
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3. Tailcoat

This solemn and romantic outfit is perfect for a gentle wedding in a European style. Just add a butterfly or a bright neck scarf with a contrast vest to create your perfect image.
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4. Custom outfit

The best choice for brave men would be a bright, non-standard suit of green, yellow, blue or even red color. It does not have to be a ’clown dress’, as people usually think. If the bride is in a proper bright (or white with bright details) outfit, the couple will look very harmonious.
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5. Shirt + trousers

The light outfit for a summer wedding. Beautiful shirt and light trousers are perfect for a modest wedding. The bride has to be dressed modestly, simply and elegantly as well. If desired, the image of the bridegroom can be supplemented with an interesting butterfly.
Usually, the bride chooses a dress first, and then the groom buys a suit. Therefore, it is easier for the groom to pick up details in accordance with the bride\'s dress. Almost any color of a suit is easily combined with a white dress: black, gray, blue, etc. The accessories can also coincide: the color of the bride’s belt and the groom’s tie, the color of the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s pocket handkerchief. Groom’s boutonniere should also be in harmony with the bouquet of the bride and flowers in her hair, if any.