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Wedding Invitations: Valuable Memory for Your Guests

Wedding Invitations: Valuable Memory for Your Guests

Wedding invitation is a small but at the same time very important part of this important day. It usually serves as a unique memory of the event for both the couple and their guests. Thus, it is very important that this item corresponds to the general style of your wedding. Be extra careful with the choice as this is what will remind your friends and relatives of this unique moment.

1. Calculate the time properly

Before the guests receive invitations, you’ve got to work on the design, printing and signature. Therefore, please try to start the whole process at least 3-4 months before the wedding. Additionally, you might want to get the Save the date cards and send them 4-6 months before the event so that the guests will know in advance about the upcoming wedding and plan their time accordingly.

2. Choose the style and design

Perhaps, this is the most pleasant part. Just let yourself dream! Watch inspiring photos from Pinterest and real weddings, correlate your desires with the chosen palette and the supposed theme of the day. Think about the amount you are willing to allocate from the wedding budget for making invitations as well. You can use free templates from the Internet and print them on your home printer or entrust the development and production to a professional. As for the material, invitations can be classical (paper cards in stylish envelopes) or more original ones - like fabric, parchment or even wooden plaques.

3. What to include in the invitation

The content of the invitation itself can be traditional and structured or informal. Everything depends on your preferences and wedding stylistics. As a rule, though, wedding invitations contain the following information: the name of the guest, names of the bride and groom, date, time and place of gathering (you can just specify the start time of the ceremony and banquet).

4. Order and Printing

Make sure to double-check the spelling and other details before invitations are sent to print. It’s much faster and easier than typing an invitation again if it has a typo. First, make one invitation to evaluate its real appearance. Perhaps, by taking it in hand, you will understand that you need to adjust something. At this stage, you can order printing of several additional invitations in case there are changes in the guest list on the eve of the holiday (this happens much more often than you think), as well as printing the rest of the cards (seating places, thank you cards, etc.).

5. Sending invitations

After the invitations are printed and signed, it’s time to hand them to the guests. If you send them in the old manner by mail, do it within 1-2 days so that guests receive at the right time. If a small number of guests is planned, invitations can be handed to each of them personally.